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Welcome to HOW TO EAT FOR LESS. We are a SOCIAL ENTERPRISE and THINK TANK who loves talking about all things plant related. We work to raise awareness about the implications of meat consumption on SOCIETY, ANIMAL WELFARE and CLIMATE CHANGE. 

The vegan and vegetarian market is on the rise, with people becoming more aware of where their food is sourced and their consumption of animal products, for health and ethical reasons. We aim to provide better information, products and services for those adopting a plant based diet. 

Areas of interest:

  • Social Impact, Ethical Consumerism and Health
  • Animal Welfare, Food supply chain and Plant Based Diets
  • Climate Change, Environmental Sustainability and Policy

What we do:

  • Research and Insight
  • Campaigns
  • Social Marketing and Communication

How To Eat For Less specialises in understanding this growing group of people, to better understand their needs and how to serve them best, whilst paying attention to bigger issues related to society, politics, economics and the environment. We want to understand what’s going on across the food chain looking at all the players involved, to help get the right messages out to the consumer. 

Our missions:

1. We like finding out things: Keeping up to date with the latest research and industry news
2. We like telling people about it: Raising awareness about health, social, environmental and economic benefits of moving towards a plant based diet
3. We want to help others do the same: We offer research, marketing and communications services for like-minded businesses, charities and organisations who wish to target this segment.