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How To Eat For Less
  • leadership and innovation

leadership and innovation

As we move continue to progress further into the 21st century, leaders in innovation

  • inspire your audience with recipes

inspire your audience with recipes

Typically speaking, the protein component of the dish is usually the star of the show,

  • Meat Free Food and Nutritional Worth

meat free food and nutritional worth

The meat free food sector is still fairly niche, occupying about 1% of the

Welcome to HOW TO EAT FOR LESS. We are a GREEN MARKETING AGENCY who loves talking about all things plant related. Our mission is to support sustainable plant-based food businesses, organisations and brands connect with their audiences. We provide a wide range of marketing solutions to help you understand this growing market and meet their needs. 

We want to disrupt the vegan and vegetarian scene in the 21st century. This market is on the rise, with people becoming more aware of where their food is sourced and their consumption of animal products, for health and ethical reasons. We want to help you to get your message out there, by providing better information, products and services for those adopting a plant based diet.


who are we

We are here to help empower food choices for future generations, for both consumers and businesses. We want to help people to see the many benefits of adopting a plant based diet, for the good of our health, our wallets and the environment.


what we do

How To Eat For Less specialises in understanding this growing group of people, to better understand their needs and how to serve them best, whilst paying attention to bigger issues related to society, politics, economics and the environment. We want to understand what’s going on across the food chain looking at all the players involved, to help get the right messages out to the consumer.


what do we care about

  • Consumer Research, Insight and Marketing
  • Innovation and Technology
  • R&D and Formulation
  • Product Development and NPD
  • Food Security
  • Ethical Consumerism
  • Social Impact and Health
  • Food Anthropology
  • Slow Food Movement and Agriculture
  • Climate Change, Environmental Sustainability, Water and Energy


how are we going to do this

  • Understanding the market
    We want to help consumers and businesses understand the vegan and vegetarian market
  • Creating awareness
    Raising awareness about health, social, environmental and economic benefits of moving towards a plant based diet
  • Instigating sustainable food behaviours
    We aspire to encourage sustainable food behaviours